Saturday, March 10, 2007

263 - with Links!

Class 6

1. Class 6
Let's say you just passed your driving test and really want to celebrate. Do you: A. Invite friends over for cake and ice cream. B. Treat your self to a nice dinner. C. Get shitfaced and go out driving your motorcycle. The correct answer is C. Then you should get stopped by the police and have your license revoked.

Those Are Some Good Donuts

2. Those Are Some Good Donuts
NBC affiliate WAGT really wants you to know how good the new Krispy Kreme donuts are.

Electronic Swatchbook

3. Electronic Swatchbook
The Electronic Swatchbook is a huge collection of high resolution scans of fabric samples. Designers of all types might be able to put this resource to good use.

Paper Pilot

4. Paper Pilot
This game doesn't allow you to design your own or fold some complex planes, but it does have a lot of variables that you can adjust. See how far you can throw your virtual airplave.

Baby Knows Presidents

5. Baby Knows Presidents
What is this about? Why does this baby know the presidents?



rachel said...

babies that age should not be interested in black and white photos of old men. period. they should not know the names of presidents. period. they should be babbling.

wait. I have to go. that baby is in my office for his autism evaluation.

Christopher said...

You've overlooked the possibility of overdubbed baby voices.

Mike EgoCock said...

If that's overdubbed it's incredibly well done. For someone who gets excited when they're (probably-older-than-that-baby) baby says "Hi," that's really creepy.

rachel said...

it's not overdubbed. it's:
(a) a small-for-chronological age child
(b) a circumscribed interest (probably a fixation on that particular book) that was likely encouraged by his parents and developed into the over-learned behavior you see in the video. he doesn't even know what a president is; he just associates words with pictures.

further evidence: there's a motor stereotypy (mostly with the left arm) that the baby engages in after he says some of the presidents' names.

rachel said...

also, I forgot to say FACE!! (gesture of palm to face)

Christopher said...

These older kids are really into presidents