Sunday, March 18, 2007

271 - with Links!


1. Arguments
One man's record of everything he and his girlfriend have argued about. Including such things as, "Those little toothpaste speckles you make when you brush your teeth in front of the mirror." "Where to sit in the cinema." and "She really over-reacts whenever she catches me wearing her underwear."

Periodic Print Project

2. Periodic Print Project
Etsy seller, Jennifer Schmitt. has come up with a great way to combine the world of art with the world of science and added in a bit of communal effort to make her project that much better. She is taking contributions for a hand printed periodic table of elements. Each artist designs a 6x6 inch print for an element and eventually they will be combined into one giant table. There are a few elements left unclaimed, so if you are a printmaker, and would like to get involved, do so before they are all snatched up.

Spielberg Power!

3. Spielberg Power!
Steven Spielberg flexed a little bit of his muscle recently by convincing the Motion Picture Association of America to reconsider the R-Rating they slapped on the upcoming Micheal Bay Transformers movie. Without demanding any edits whatsoever, the MPAA dropped the rating down to a PG-13 after spending a few minutes alone in a small room with Mr. Spielberg.

Io Silver

4. Io Silver
Io, one of Jupiter's most prominent moons has volcanoes on its surface and we have the pictures to prove it.

Speaking of Swamp Thing

5. Speaking of Swamp Thing
This filthy Chinese bastard finally washed his hair after 26 years. 26 freaking years! I feel like a goddamn swamp thing if I skip even a single day.



rachel said...

are you submitting a print? you certainly should.

Christopher said...

I joined in early enough to snag Einsteinium even though I'm having a hard enough time just getting my regular class-work done on time.

rachel said...

awesome! that was my first thougt- 'einsteinium would be a good one'.

please share the finished product! (remember- 'good enough' is good enough).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about the project! I'm excited by the enthusiasm everyone has. Classwork be damned ;)