Tuesday, March 20, 2007

273 - Support Our Magnetic Ribbons

Support Our Troops

1. Support Our Troops
The ribbon-shaped, "Support Our Troops" magnets so popular with the SUV crowd in the last few years is finally running out of steam. The major manufacturer of the magnets reports a drop in monthly sales from 1.2 million down to only 4000.

Support Our Gas Stations

2. Support Our Gas Stations
I've wondered for a while now if any of the money collected selling these ribbons actually goes to "supporting our troops" or if it just filling the pockets of magnet companies and gas station owners.

Support Our Magnets

3. Support Our Magnets
The designers at Strk/3 seem to wonder the same thing.

Support Our Third World Sweatshops

4. Support Our Third World Sweatshops
This guy definitely feels the same way.

Support Our Tropps (For Real)

5. Support Our Tropps (For Real)
I guess it is too late to start now, but Fred Clark at Slacktivist has a good idea. he suggest using the magnetic ribbons as a modern version of the war bonds that were successfully used to finance America's war efforts in the past.



Rudy said...

I have ribbons on top of ribbons on my incredibly large gas guzzling SUV.

arch stanton said...

CFC, if you didn't already do it, you should go to rudy's site. it's very entertaining.

Christopher said...

I figured Rudy commented here mainly as a way to promote his own blog so I felt compelled to check it out. I'm not totally sure if it is an exaggerated portrayal of Rudy's actual political leanings or a satirical depiction of conservative politics meant to promote the opposite point of view. Either way, I'm more interested right now in thinking about the middle ground.

rachel said...

satirical, I think. and well executed at that.